Hair Regeneration Kit Vials


This kit represents, without doubt, the perfect ally against the harmful effect of UV rays, of pollutants, of oxidative colourations or of aggressive treatments at high temperatures to which your hair is frequently exposed. Gerovital Tratment Expert hair products are cosmetic products for external use, both for men and women.

  • Action: Hair Regenerating, Special care
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Active ingredients
Formed of 2 regeneration serums, the Gerovital treatment kit is based on an innovating formula with a complex of B5A and E vitaminsplant extracts and Keratin that fights against excessive hair loss, dehydration, oxidation and successfully prevents loss of elasticity, dry scalp and excessive oily hair.
Moreover, the active ingredients provide the necessary elements for a healthy hair growth, giving a neat and healthy aspect.
Directions for use
To protect your hands, wrap the vial in a tissue before breaking.

Mix the contents of the Regenerating Serum 1 and Regenerating Serum 2, apply the obtained composition on wet hair, freshly washed with Regenerating Shampoo, twice a week. Leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse well afterwards. For higher efficiency it is recommended a minimum 2 months treatment.

The active principles of the concentrated formulas of the two serums combine and act in perfect synergy in order to: improve the circulation at the capillary level, normalize the secretion of the sebaceous glands, prevent the loss of hair and stimulate the healthy growth of the hair strand.


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