Restructuring anti stretch marks cream


The cream contains a complex of special ingredients that diminish the look of stretch marks and prevent their apparition.

Poppy Flowers organic oil has the advantage of protecting the skin from daily stress. Is the ideal ingredient for dehydrated skin and exposed to environmental stress factors skins.

Preservative-Free formula.

  • Action: Anti-Stretch, Body care
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Active ingredients

Centerox together with Sepilift stimulate the production of new collagen, which increases skin elasticity.

Poppy flower oil and Vitamins A and E protect elastin and collagen fibres.

Avocado oil, Inca Omega, Ceramidyl Omega, Shea butter and beeswax bring an important contribution of restructuring and regenerating nutrients. Directions for use Apply on your legs, abdomen and arms, massaging firmly into the skin until the product is fully absorbed.


Gerovital Plant


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