Soft Focus Coverage Concealer


Gerovital Beauty – “More than colour”

Soft Focus Coverage Concealer Gerovital Beauty has a light texture and mineral pigments that instantly cover the circles around the eyes and traces of tiredness.

  • Action: Anti dark circles
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Gerovital Beauty – the complete range of products intended for each phase of make-up. Products which do not inflate your complexion but give it a comfortable and natural appearance. Active ingredients with certified benefits (hydration, long-lasting endurance).

Active ingredients
Contains Haloxyl, a proven active ingredient for reducing the appearance of dark under eye circles.
Directions for use
Apply the product in points in the periocular area, then stretch using gentle tapping movements.
Instant coverage. Neutralizes the dark blue or purple tones under eyes. Masks signs of fatigue. Hide eye bags, bruises.


Gerovital Beauty


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