Wrinkle prevention cream


To prevent the first signs of skin ageing, Farmec specialists have created a unique set of cosmetic products containing pure stable Retinol, which penetrates deep into the dermal layers, accelerating the enzymatic processes, preventing wrinkles and slowing down skin ageing.

  • Age: 30+, 35+, 45+, 55+
  • Skin Type: All skin types
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The cream is specially designed to prevent wrinkle formation. Thanks to Retinol which accelerates the enzymatic processes and cell division, the skin becomes more capable of self-regenerating from within.

The metabolic processes are normalised and the appearance of wrinkles is slowed down. The association with Sepilift and Vitamins A and E supports these effects by synergistic action.

Directions for use
Apply daily, on the face, neck and décolletage.
It is recommended to avoid sun exposure and avoid using the cream during pregnancy.


Gerovital H3 Retinol


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